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Absaar Smart Trickle Charger 6V/12V

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Absaar Smart Trickle Charger

Keep your battery performing at its best and lasting longer with our fully automatic battery trickle charger and
conditioner. This “plug-in and forget’ smart-charger ensures batteries remain fully charged whilst vehicles or equipment
are in storage or inactive for prolonged periods, and is ideal for ride-on lawnmowers, vintage and custom show vehicles,

ATV’s, 12V battery equipment and other agricultural vehicles.
This smart charger has a built in microprocessor that
quickly analyses battery condition to identify issues and
then regulates the battery charge to ensure maximum
battery performance. The charger has specific charging
modes for different types of battery including LEAD ACID,
GEL and AGM units. The unit also includes temperature
responsive winter charging mode which adjusts the
charging voltage depending on the ambient temperature.

Contents include:
 Robust construction charging unit with back-lit
 Heavy duty, colour-coded crocodile clips
 Quick-disconnect ring style battery terminals (for
long-term charging and hard to reach batteries)
 Connectors all fitted with dust covers to keep
clean when not in use
 2 and 3 PIN mains power plugs

 Amperage: 1 Amp
 Volt: 6 / 12V
 Max. battery capacity: 95Ah
 Maintenance charge: 140Ah
 11-stage micro-processor controlled charging process
 Different charging modes for standard LEAD ACID, AGM, GEL batteries
 Back-lit LCD display
 CE, TUV certified

 Fully-automatic operation with “plug-in and forget” smart charging
 In-built diagnostics to quickly determine if serious battery faults exist
 Overloads, short circuits and reverse polarity protection
 Compatible with charging more complex batteries including those vehicles fitted with start/stop technology
 Winter charging mode – adjusts charging voltage dependant on ambient temperature





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